Art StVdio LVciani

“With DARKNESS I explore what is within Myself ..

…With LIGHT  I explore the World”

Paola Luciani Fulbright



In a world filled with much confusion, dis-ease, and disconnectedness we must step back from the reality we have so comfortably resided in, and we must venture into a new way of living; a new way of thinking; a new way of BEing.  Our mission is to encourage you to seek for your inner power, which leads to living a life of self-awareness and self-improvement.

We all have different perceptions, different understandings, different passions,  different teachings,  different experiences,  different beliefs and the purpose of our being here together is to share all of what we have learned with one another,   evolving into the amazing beings that we can be, not to fight and hate each other,  not to compete or criticize,  but simply exploring our potential.  

History teaches us that spiritual wars never brought any enlightenment to humanity,  so it is time to view our existence as travelers and explorers in a distant Universe and consciously awaken to our true power,  purpose, and passion. We learned how to define and label everything and have created boundaries, limitations, and fears, forgetting who we are.

Deep in each one of us, there is an inner pull toward some higher form of existence.  An underlying but insistent urge prompts us to look towards something greater than ourselves like the flower which innately turns to the sun and seeks more than we already encompass. This inner impelling force may not always be recognized, but in most of us, it results  in some form of more enlightened living.


Spead your wings and don’t be afraid to fly.



Without the perpetual dance of Life and Death,

the world would be rhythm-less.

Everything is in constant flux, only in transmutation,

and perpetual motion, lies the Truth.


Knock…..  and the door  will open!

…..Don’t be afraid of what is behind that door…..

 As the Truth will set you free! 


“We seek the secrets of Life to break free from bonds of common thought.”

LVCIANI ART STVDIO was born out of the marriage of artistic and esoteric expression with human emotion, in the facilitation of the connection between mind and soul. For the purposes of this site, it might useful to think of esotericism as the study and practical application of subtle symbolic images through which existence can be interpreted. Some symbolism belongs to different, sometimes initiatory, traditions such as Hermeticism, Alchemy, Astrology, Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, and more eclectic systems. Aesthetically, a few generalizations can be offered about esoteric painting to create pleasant effects.  


Change within culture begins when we change the way we look at the world when we shift the lens of our experiences. My idea is to provide those lenses in order to be able to view the meaning of our existence from a different perspective. My work has been profoundly influenced by esoteric ideas and I have worked intimately through and with occult symbolism. The spiritual and historical factor is obviously brought to the foreground, with the intent to emphasize lost esoteric meanings in art and history as a category in its own right – in fact, as the key category from which the many and diverse visual outcomes can be appreciated. My goal is to inspire and instigate,  explore, and unleash the mind. My current predominant artistic endeavors aim at recognizing and exposing the metaphysical aspect of our existence.


Making art is indeed an alchemical act of expression and transmutation. Whether you approach it as an occultist, a practicing magician, an artist, or someone who has an interest in and appreciation for the visual arts, our project has certainly something to offer. Composition, depth, and volume are only defined through the juxtaposition of pure contrasting colors and defining lines; realistic depictions sometimes are not valued. Most of the background and details are idealized and stylized into fluid symmetrical or dynamic abstract patterns.

This path of creation can be walked both ways – from the curiosity or practice of the occult towards a visual output, or, vice-versa, from a main route of making art towards a merging with those side channels of magic, symbolism, and neighboring impenetrable lands.  Art itself as a tool of self-discovery and investigation is often concerned about default with aspects of our existence that are obscure and secretive – those less tangible threads in need of deciphering and interpretation.


I am an individual with esoteric, artistic, and historic background, who is walking the outside boundaries, and setting new standards of innovation while forging a new field in the vision of the meaning of existence.  I have created this place for those who are willing to grow, share, understand, and explore. We believe that with your own advancement perhaps you will help others in theirs. The goal is to help you to unleash the unique and thought-provoking imagination that may inspire some different ways of mind evolution. To spark a genuine interest in exploring, expanding, and illuminating so-called Esoteric teachings, practices & alternative Spiritual Teaching. We all have unique perspectives, experiences, and beliefs. Let our differences be our bond.